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Zinstall HDD

Got a new, larger hard drive? To really utilize its benefits, and keep your system safe, you need to transfer everything from the old drive to the new one. Zinstall HDD is the product that allows you to do just that – with no technical knowledge required.

Key benefits of Zinstall HDD

  • Extreme ease of use: Just connect the new hard drive, and click “Go”
  • 100% confidence: Your entire system is fully preserved, including all applications, settings and files
  • Complete solution: Does not require intermediate hard drive
  • Flexible: Zinstall automatically makes all the storage space of your new drive available to your system. And you can even consolidate several old drives into one large one
  • Resilient: Made to work with old hard drives containing bad sectors and faulty areas
  • Fast: Up to 63% faster than other solutions on the market
  • Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

When you use Zinstall HDD, nothing is left behind – all your music, pictures, documents are there for you on your new system, and all your applications are working and configured just the way they used to.

Nothing changes in how your PC works – and you benefit from the new hard drive’s speed, reliability and storage space.

Once the transfer is complete, you can safely take the old drive out – or leave it for some extra storage.

All you have to do is physically connect the drive, click on one single button, and you will immediately feel at home. No decisions, no questions, no hassle.

Please note: Zinstall HDD will only transfer your system from one hard drive to another. If you need to upgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 7, or move to a new computer, please see Zinstall WinWin

Zinstall HDD Edition

Easily upgrade to a new hard drive

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