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Take control of your desktop.

Twinsplay is a window and session manager - designed with power users in mind. It will help you increase your productivity, become more efficient and manage your window sessions effectively.

Click here to watch a video demo of twinsplay

Here are the main Twinsplay features:


Use two windows simultaneously, side-by-side

  • Use your wide screen efficiently - replacing a double monitor setup
  • Increase your productivity by working with two applications simultaneously (code editor & documentation, web development suite & browser, document & notes)
  • Memorable and ergonomically positioned hotkeys integrate naturally into your work flow
  • No more Alt+Tab, no more window resizing



Save and load your windows

  • We all use different sets of windows for different tasks
  • With Twinsplay, you can save your window sessions with one click
  • Your "Code development" session could consist of your code editor, documentation, log viewer, bug tracking software
  • Your "Web development" session could consist of your web development suite, different browsers, image editor
  • Your "Networking" session could consist of your web browser, instant messenger, Skype
  • Use Twinsplay to switch between your sessions - instantly!



Use Virtual Desktops to manage two workspaces at the same time

  • Unclutter you screen by dividing you windows between virtual desktops
  • Keep all your accessories and utilities on one desktop, and your working environment on the other
  • Set up an "Office desktop" with your Word documents and Outlook, and have the other desktop free for your tasks



Set any window to be always on top

  • Need a window to always be there for you? Make it always on top!
  • Have constant access to your calculator, log viewer, instant messenger
  • Instantly transform any application into a "widget"