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Kind words from our users.

"I was considering buying two monitors, one dedicated permanently for emails, while the other would serve for all kind of documents to be worked on. Instead I bought a 24" screen which I can "split" in two thanks to twinsplay. This makes my desk (physically as well as virtually) look much neater."

René Longini, Zurich, Switzerland


"I do market research reports. It involves lots of cut-and-pasting from PDFs, spreadsheets, analysis, annual reports - you name it. Being able to work with all that support material WHILE typing the report is very helpful. Being able to load all the PDFs I need as a session is a huge time-saver."

Michael Mackenzie, NY, USA


"I use twinsplay for my personal projects - video editing, SFX, etc. I work from home, and need to have documents and logs on the same screen. Both times I use twinsplay to save my window sessions. Absolutely irreplaceable app."

Simon Werner, CA, USA


"Finally! Code spec on one half of the screen, IDE on the other. Life-changing!"

Lucas, Cologne, Germany


"My job is the IT dept of a fairly large government agency. I couldn't get the users here to agree to dual head setup. The reason? "We need the desk space".
So I installed twinsplay for them. They kept the desk space, and now they can read one piece of document and write another, at the same time. Everybody wins!"

Alan, LA, CA, USA


"Is it better to Alt-Tab between two documents or have them side by side in full view at all times?
Seems obvious to me. And twinsplay's SO easy to use!"

Deane, France


"When designing, I'll have Solidworks and Photoshop open simultaneously. I prefer dual monitors, but with twinsplay I can get by even now."

Mike K., USA


“Superb productivity tool. I work faster, and don’t have to fiddle with window positions any more. The Total Commander integration is a great bonus – saving files now takes a second, not a minute!”

Dale Wilson, San Jose, CA, USA


"twinsplay is great for college. Put your research and web pages on one monitor and your word doc on the other for writing papers. No more having to tab back and forth, you can just glance at your research while typing."

Kevin Meyers, Ann Arbor, MI, USA


"I work in embedded software, and having a twinsplay is a huge advantage. I have multiple development environments (Visual Studio, Code Composer Studio, VI, etc.) and documentation to work with. I can load any one of them with twinsplay's "restore windows" option. I then put the editor on one side and the docs on the other. MUCH better than switching from one to the other or resizing them manually. Also, for reading/programming, I generally need more vertical space, not horizontal space - so it fits."

P. K.


"Shifting your eyes is faster than hitting ALT-TAB and waiting for one window to go down, and another to go up. You can have your code on the monitor and the app/email/help running on the other."

Shawn Denison, Bristol, UK


"I use a 24" wide screen. For development or for keeping a calendar and e-mail open, twinsplay provides a tremendous productivity boost. Just reducing the frustration of switching between applications is wonderful. The session management makes it awesome."

Emily Bradshaw, Springfield, MA, USA



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