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Microsoft guides users through XP Mode on Windows 7
* How to Change Virtual Machine Settings in Windows Virtual PC * How to Create a Virtual Machine in Windows Virtual PC * How to Create ...
Ed Tittel, author of 140 computer books and many thousands of articles: "Zinstall offers remarkable XP to Windows 7 migration capabilities."
Desktop computers are suddenly hot again, seeing double-digit growth in the new year
Consumer Technology
Migration to Windows 7: consumers are leery of potential compatibility problems
Migrating to Windows 7? What you need to know about user settings
Windows 7 update makes PCs unstable, users report
Windows 7 update makes PCs unstable, users report
Information Week: "If your users aren't ready to let go of XP as you upgrade to Windows 7, Zinstall can help"
How To Downgrade From Windows 8 To Windows 7
Tablets are great for casual Web browsing and catching up on email, but can they deliver everything we need ?
Microsoft To Open Windows Stores Within Best Buy
Carolanne Cocchi (Miami Shores, FL)
Your product is excellent and does everything it is meant to do.
Info-Tech survey: 54% said that application compatibility and testing is a major concern
London-based IT research firm Info-Tech survey of 231 businesses worldwide: 79 per cent of the respondents intend to switch to Windows 7 by 2012. About 54 per ...
Dell experts: 35 percent apps needing remediation or repackaging, when 15 percent not working at all under Window 7
Gartner estimates the migration cost per PC: $1,205 and $1,999
“Prepare for Your Windows 7 Migration Crunch" by Gartner's Managing VP Charles Smulders
Upgrading computers from Windows XP is a giant pain
Are SMBs adopting Windows 7?
20% Of SMBs sped up Windows upgrade plans 10% Increase in immediate upgrade plans 40% of Small SMBs plan to start upgrade to Windows 7 within 90 days 45% ...
Forrester research: "Explore client virtualization to accelerate Windows 7 deployment"
Forrester provides tips to Windows 7 early adopters
End of XP support: Why so many CIOs are still not ready
Migration to Windows 7 May Cause Sticker Shock
Stuart J. Johnston comments and analyzes the recent Gartner report
2010: The year your desktop goes virtual?
Goldman Sachs: CIOs are responding positively to Windows 7 - 94% of survey respondents intending to upgrade
How to run apps that aren't Win7-compatible on Win7?
While most of your applications should work fine in Windows 7, you'll undoubtedly run into a number of apps that just won't work. Then Brian Madden, an ...
Windows 7 Offered Best, Worst of Times for IT Pros
Due to compatibility issues IE 6 Alive By The Hand of IT Departments "Zinstall XP7 - to take away the pain when upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7"
Microsoft to consolidate Windows OS
The end of WinXP: Some still haven’t got the message
Windows 8.2 Revives Start Menu, Runs Metro Apps in Desktop Mode
Windows XP's death is quickly approaching
"...almost half of our laptop customers are still running XP. That number continues to shrink every day, but it's still unclear what many CIO's and IT executives will choose as their next move"